Presbyterian, Fulton and Fulton Mechanick's Cemetery Restoration Project
Cincinnati OH             phone 513.417.0882         email

Where Presbyterian, Fulton and Fulton Mechanick's Cemetery, foot of  Dumont St, behind 4132 Dumont St, Cincinnati Ohio 45226, near Lunken Airport

How to Get There Assuming you can find your way to the Lunken Airport Terminal Building at 262 Wilmer Ave near Kellogg Ave:

About 100 feet east of and across Wilmer Ave from the Lunken Terminal Building is Airport Road. Go up Airport Road to the top the hill and the traffic light at the junction of Airport, Eastern and Carrel. When the light finally turns green, make the sharp left on to Carrel St.  Go down Carrel St., cross the railroad tracks, and turn left on Dumont St.  You will see a large blue structure to the right.  Park behind the first building. The cemetery is behind the second building (go around the right side).   If you need additional directions, please call.

What to Bring for Yourself The cemetery is littered with broken glass, so you must wear suitable shoes. There are LOTS of hungry bugs just waiting for you, so long pants, long sleeve shirts and insect repellent are advised.  Gardening or work gloves are "handy".

What to Bring to Help If you have one, a chain saw.  Anyone have a log splitter?  Those who bring chain saws get first dibs on cut wood. Please be prepared to take it that day. Gas powered string trimmers/weed whackers are helpful. Non-metallic yard rakes and plastic shovels (as scoops). Tarpaulins (easier to load with cuttings and carry out). We have a small supply of work gloves, insect repellant, bow saws, tarps and trash bags.

Rules The cemetery has many fragmented headstones and we can reconstruct them! Do not move any rocks etc as they may be part of a headstone! Do not attempt to dig up or move any headstones. Many fragments have been placed near large trees. Please do not disturb them. Avoid walking on headstone remnants protruding from the ground.

Miscellaneous There are restaurants nearby. The nearest picnic area is Lunken Airport Playfield. Restrooms are at the Lunken Airport terminal and a UDF.

Click here to view and print a volunteer form.